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Start a co-op

🚧 Wear a hard hat around here! 🚧

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At the first Hack.Org:X event we would like to propose to found a cooperative for open hackathons. This is (tentatively) called DRIBD@ and some basic documentation has been prepared here:

Our goal is to be of practical benefit to:

  • All people who want to start hackathons, but are lacking resources or knowledge, or other supports.
  • Org-teams who are looking for open alternatives, better business, and fair, ethical values.
  • Devs who build hackathon tools, from dridbot to dribdee and far far beyond.
  • Hacktivists and organizers who would like extra visibility, a chance to pool some data, and a non-commercial vehicle in which to connect and express differences of opinion.
  • Researchers and citizen scientists who would like to see the impact on society of performance measurement and timeboxed collaboration better understood.

If you are in one of these groups, you should consider joining the new Coop!


A Data Cooperative with a focus on performance measurement, established to collectively manage data of, and derive added value from, evidence of personal and shared engagement.

This is especially relevant, but not limited to, knowledge work, accreditation steps, and volunteering done outside of your home or workplace. We are inspired by athletic performance, where keeping personal and collective statistics is a well established practice. Yet it is concerning to us when human performance data is misappropriated for targeted advertisement, manipulative personnel management or recruitment, misleading analysis or automated decisions with questionable ethics.

Open platforms should benefit all people, supporting the communities that form around hackathons, timebanking, coworking, repair cafés, open source projects, and other new modes of working. The basic purpose of the cooperative is to maintain, develop, and educate people in their application.

Join us today and be a cool Dribda! ⁂ 🚀

To become an eligible member, you will need to purchase 2 shares in the first year, and 1 share every following year. It is easiest therefore to make a one-time share purchase, followed by a recurring annual membership. See detailed instructions and if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Übersicht – Overview

Rechtliche Grundlagen - Legal Basis

Operatives – Operations

“Rarely do all the participants using a resource have identical investment or harvesting power” -- Ostrom 2009b in Fennell 2011

This repository is a fork of posmocoop/general, and is licensed with CC0 1.0 Universal to assure future reuse.

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