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A new hope for Basel

Slides and short GPT-4 story for our May 4 (a holiday for Star Wars fans) kick-off

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A new hope for Basel

In a galaxy far, far away, the evil empire of B.I.A.S. had risen to power, determined to control all of the data in the universe. They developed machines that could predict the future with incredible accuracy, and they used it to manipulate markets and governments alike.

An audacious group banded together to form the Rebellion. They called upon enthusiasts from around the galaxy to join them in hackathons. They developed a new algorithm, one that was based on transparency, collaboration, and the power of the people. They called it the "Hacker Way," and it spread like wildfire from star to star.

Soon, people everywhere were using the Hacker Way to protect their data, share information, and promote resilience and good will. The Rebels became legends, revered for their commitment to a free and open society. And the Hacker Way became a symbol of hope, a reminder that even the most powerful empires can be brought down by the ingenuity and determination of a few brave individuals.

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"In the end, cowards are those who follow the 🌓 dark side." — "I find your lack of faith 🌓 disturbing." —
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