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DeckDeckGo is a web open source editor for presentations

I need to make a slide deck for my pitch - now! I need it to look okay - not perfect! I need it to work - and I need to be able to tweak it with my team until the last microsecond!

While currently unsupported, DeckDeckGo is a fabulous & Swiss-made project that can solve this common problem experienced at hackathons. In this challenge, we suggest evaluating it, looking at alternatives, asking to find out what else people are using to create slides at events. Here are some cool ideas that were suggested by the DeckDeckGo team:

  • Create, present and share your slides as Progressive Web Apps
  • Interact with your audience with live polls
  • Use predefined rich and responsive templates
  • Search Unsplash and Tenor GIFs
  • Integrate easily YouTube video
  • Showcase your best developer code snippets
  • Interact with your presentations with a remote control
  • Present and work offline
  • Push the source code of your online slides to GitHub
  • Import Figma frames
  • ...

At tech events we often see people presenting using "technical" presentation editors, using Reveal.js to show their slides in a webpage, a system like (GitPitch) or the "Slides" feature of HackMD / CodiMD.

Having a simple way to use this in your project, at least a rendering of dribdat's Pitch to slide format, could be a nice feature. We could look at integration with DeckDeckGo or a similar project we can support. And maybe we will over time win one or two people over from the PowerPoint* crowd, interested in creating more valuable ideas, rather than creating more pretty slides.

(* a registered trademark of Microsoft, one of many fine presentation editors out there etc.)

If you like the DeckDeckGo project and want to revitalise it, you can become a sponsor at Open Collective. Templates and tools that are driven by the community of DeckDeckGo developers and maintainers are gathered together in a dedicated GitHub org. The developers' documentation is available online.

Other slide frameworks to look into:

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