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Bridging protocols

A hacky idea ..

On the Jitsi Community Forum:

Has anyone looked into developing a bridge for different meeting software? E.g., Something that can link Jitsi clients with Zoom chats? (If not Zoom, then GoToMeeting, Skype, etc.) I think this would have to be a server/service, and not something in the client. E.g., the Zoom-Jitsi bridge would be a service that connects to a Zoom room and allows Jitsi users to connect to it. Why: Every company and organization has their own favorite meeting software. Last week, I used Jitsi, GoToMeeting, Sky...

On the commercial side it looks like there's some interest too

Here's a Jitsi hack that I mentioned in a previous call

A lot of "protocol bridging" is happening at hackathons ... this is a big painpoint in IT! ... maybe the idea could inspire us, or at least lead to some lifehacks!

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