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Collected results of Opendata.ch Hackdays and community sprints.

Data source

The Data Package is currently maintained by hand, with data exported using dribdat APIs.

We should create a GitHub Action to fetch and update the CSV files automatically - from all the open data instances that apply the HCoC and CC license. Separate files with a unified schema - or single file with a source server column as in the 2020 export?


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There was much interest about this challenge at our first meeting. Follow-up ideas include:

  • Putting more attention to the idea at Opendata.ch / OKFN
  • Making sure the aggregation works smoothly and automatically
  • Talking to Opendata.swiss & BAR about preservation on an official platform
  • Investigate adding aggregation from third party (non-dribdat) platforms
  • Ask some probing data question, like which topics/challenges are more/less sustained
  • The pre-selection of results can influence archival interest, e.g. prize-winners, deployed apps..
  • Some hackathons purposely try to recycle challenges from other events
  • Some organizations really know how to utilize hackathons and will surface often
  • Hackathons and open data go hand-in-hand!

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See also: a tangential Mastodon thread from Thursday.

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04.05.2023 17:00

Question: does it also help to connect with project owners by finding their github profile? (besides the media coverage of winners..)

04.05.2023 16:51 ~ joberkel


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