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App for helping to create certificates of participation


Certification Issue is a Node.js and React.js project that demonstrates how to handle certification issues in a web application.

This project is useful for developers who want to learn how to handle certification issues in their own web applications and how to use HTTPS to secure their communication. It also serves as a reference implementation for developers who are building Node.js applications with HTTPS.


The Certification Issue project includes the following features:

  • A sample Node.js server that uses the Express framework for routing and HTTPS for secure communication
  • A form for entering certificate information, which is saved to a database
  • The ability to check whether a certificate is registered or not via its ID
  • The ability to view all registered certificates
  • A new feature that displays registered certificates in a draft when needed
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We are working on a solution for providing certificates to participants of hackathons. Using the dribdat API we can obtain insightful statistics about individual and team progress over the course of events. With a Proxeus workflow it is possible to generate secure documents that are validated on the blockchain. Our goal is to put this together into a compelling, easy-to-use solution for hackathon organizers everywhere. In this code repository is a prototype database for tracking and managing certificates that we have issued. We will briefly demo our solution and invite your feedback at the upcoming Hack:Org:X.


Demo: Proxeus App

See also dribdat/certify for a simpler approach taken in the past, where certificates are generated using a script.

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