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Active projects and challenges as of 15.06.2024 01:58.

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A new hope for Basel

Slides and short GPT-4 story for our May 4 (a holiday for Star Wars fans) kick-off

A real world challenge

In June, Rust Basel is organising a meetup as a mini-hackathon. We are still looking for a good challenge. Real World FTW!

Automate team building

Team formation is time-consuming, and skill distributions are often unequal. Are we interested in some assistance from A.I.?

Hackathon Archival

Results of open hackdays, archived as open data

Hackathon Guide

"How to setup and run a hackathon"

Hackathon live board

A dashboard for hackathons updated in real time

Issue certificates

App for helping to create certificates of participation


Market days of the ancient Roman calendar, forming a kind of weekend including, for a certain period, rest from work for the ruling class.

Start a co-op

Collective governance for a more open hackathon scene ๐Ÿงก


Hack Code of Conduct

A generic and configurable Code of Conduct for hackathons